We are all forever grateful!

“We have been very blessed to be able to stay at the RMH. It has made a less than pleasant experience easier. I have twins in the NICU and don’t have to worry about where I will sleep (at least for 30 days) and most days a meal is donated which is great after a long day, to have a home cooked meal. I cannot explain how grateful I am for the RMH. I have not had to worry about laundry, they always have snacks and a little pantry if you aren’t able to grab food out one day, they have an exclusive breastmilk fridge for moms. They have a kids room to enjoy, when my big kids come to stay on the weekends they have a fun area to enjoy while here. RMH house has been a blessing to my family and we are all forever grateful. Thank you! This is a picture of my sweet little NICU babies born at 28 weeks.” Alyssa Young, Bowling Green, KY